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  I'm sharing space with two other individuals and we have plenty of privacy. I'm saving lots more money while earning the same as I did last year. What economic downturn? - Because I'm sharing space, I'm stacking up my cash. Davon W., AR.   
  I became a true believer in the SIMP model within a few minutes of consultation. It just makes sense. Kelvin S., AR.  
  The idea of sharing my place was a bit scary at first.  But, moving forward allowed me to fully understand and appreciate the many benefits of SIMP solutions. I really should have taken advantage of the SIMP solutions years ago. Diane O., AR.  
  Sharing space in my place has exceeded my's refreshingly natural and logical. Just keep an open mind as you take a closer look because many of the benefits are not immediately obvious. Christopher M., VA.  
  There's a right way and a wrong way to do anything. When it comes to opening your home to others or living in someone else's home, you don't want to learn by trial and error. SIMP Solutions enable you do it the right way every time! Marie M., VA.    
  My niece and her husband needed an inexpensive place fast. As newlyweds with a 3 month old baby girl, they were struggling to get by. Luckily, my next-door neighbor had just completed his SIMP modifications and offered it to my niece and her family. SIMP is absolutely the right idea at the right time. Henry O., AR   
  'I'm never leaving' -That's exactly what he said after moving into my place. It's been almost a year so far and he's still saying the same. My housemate has never missed a payment or been late even once. The best part is; we've never had a single misunderstanding. Derrick H., AR.  
  At 65, I was struggling financially and I only had a few more months before I could retire. I saw a 'Space In My Place' ad and made the call. After a few days, I was able to moved in and start saving again. Now that I'm finally retired, I plan to move back home into my own house and you can bet I'm going to create 'space in my place'. Kenneth P., AR.  
  I moved into a shared arrangement 8 months ago and I'm loving it. My soon to be X-wife just can't understand how I'm manage to keep cool under pressure. For now, I'm simply working and waiting for the divorce to be finalized. Bill S., AR.  

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